“In Un Sol Bianco” Vino Bianco Frizzante

A gem for all those who are becoming interested in the wine world: the source of pride of this product is its simplicity. Its striking aroma of tropical fruits, in particular ananas, is accompanied in the taste by the same sensations. The good sugar residue, typical of this wine, gives it a pleasant sourness.


“In un sol bianco” White Sparkling Wine is made from 100% Glera grapes e undergoes a 20 days long Charmat méthode second fermentation. It suits who is discovering the wine world or the first time thanks to its simplicity and its richness, due to its sugar residue of 10 g/l. Best served as aperitif. Strength of 11°. Its pleasantly sour aroma, ananas above other fruits, reflects in its taste with a good tropical vibe persistence. Worthy of note the label, selected among more than 250 submissions from all Italy.