Our Company

The Company Siro Merotto was founded in 1960 by his grandfather Giovanni and son Siro. Today we continue the tradition with grandchildren Mirko and Nicola who cultivate the vineyards of property located on the hills of Col San Martino in the province of Treviso. Our wines are produced exclusively from Prosecco grapes and other old typical varieties t of the area. The grapes are harvested by hand to preserve the quality that we get working our vineyards in the most natural and organic method as possible. 

The work continues in the cellar where we follow very traditional methods and refine for a long time our bases and our wines on the lees, in order to achieve the right balance between acidity, minerality and structure. The fermentation of our bases takes place at low temperatures in order to enhance the elegance and create a "perlage" with excellent finesse. The whole company uses the energy produced by photovoltaic systems that allow us to be energy independent and environmentally friendly.