Ground and Land

The soil in which they grow our vineyards are located in the Col San Martino , and more specifically in the areas referred to Sanvigili and Rive Alte.

We present below some insights to help you understand the importance of land and territory in the realization of our wines and what difficulties you are having .

The area extends into the southern portion of the system of ” strings hill ” that develop in east-west direction between Vittorio Veneto and Vidor . This hilly area is characterized by steep slopes with gradients that reach to 70 % and with a height ranging from 150 to 450 meters above sea level


The Vineyards :
The systems run are based on traditional models, transverse to the lines of maximum slope , without the construction of walls you support. The slope angle imposes the need to manually manage all operations ( pruning and harvesting of all ) ; is therefore a difficult viticulture , permitted by the high fragmentation of ownership .

The average temperature slightly over 18┬░ C. In the months of April, September and October the maximum daytime are higher compared to other situations. This means that the slope of the reliefs allows you to collect the maximum solar radiation procuring mild autumns and springs that respond to the needs of Glera .

Water availability :
The soils have a very low water-holding capacity and this is a critical factor especially in the month of August. The absence of precipitation even for small periods can lead to a state of suffering of the plant.
Also the slope of the soil combines with sore infiltration and water conservation especially when we are in the presence of torrential rainfall .

The yields :
The average yields ranging between 9 and 12 kg per plant. It was found that the less compact clusters and berries are smaller than those of higher quality.